Logistics and Warehousing

We are with you with a wide range of services and transportation options covering many regions around the world that will facilitate your international export processes, with fees adapted to your shipping volume, and pricing options that fit your business.

In order to share with you the service that suits your priorities, we closely follow all the developments in the logistics sector and offer suggestions to help you design the service you need with current developments. In addition to the transportation service to be made from any point in the world to another point, we also support our customers in activities such as warehouse, consolidation, distribution, collection and special project services through our strong agencies.

Project Transportation

In recent years, large companies in particular demand project transport. The service Project Transport is carried out in such areas as refineries, construction infrastructure, thermal power plants, pipelines, energy and mining. All necessary transport work from the beginning to the end of an existing project is carried out under the name of Project Transport.

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Sea & Airline

The transport industry is one of the most important building blocks of the world economy.

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One of the most important branches of the supply chain is transportation. And one of the most important dynamics of the transport sector is insurance. Insurance is one of the indispensable rules in both domestic and international transportation.

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Domestic Shipping

Transportation service is one of the most important parts of the supply chain. It is provided by the transport a balance between product and customer. Every company needs both in our country and around the world a good transportation service.

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Custom Clearance

Custom clearance takes place in a different order in each country. It is determined according to the laws and regulations of each country. All products and goods that need to be transported abroad may be delivered only after successful customs clearance. It is processed according to the laws of this country. Both at the exits of the country and at the entrances of country, these rules must be respected. These processes must be carried out quite professionally, so that the delivery can be made quickly and products do not have to wait long time at customs.

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Intermodal Transport

In the developing transportation sector, some innovations are founded to speed up the process and make it economical.

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Warehouse and Entrepot

Warehousing services are very important in transportation and especially in export options. Although warehouse and entrepot are different terms, they have similar process solutions. These solutions are the services offered by professional companies that operate in the transportation industry.

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Minivan Transportation

Nowadays, the world which is in globalization brings many innovations. One of the most important innovation is Minivan Transport.

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Highway Transports

Road Transport is one of the most important options when it comes to transportation.

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