In the developing transportation sector, some innovations are founded to speed up the process and make it economical.

Intermodal Transport is known as one of these applications. It is about getting to the destination by simply changing the transport model without having to remove the loaded products or goods. This system offers many advantages in this sense.

The products are delivered with Intermodal Transport much more efficiently, environmentally friendly and cheaper.

How it works

Only the mode of transport changes in this transport service. Products remain in vehicles, for example, until a certain place. However, changes can be made with the vehicles to transport the products faster and more economically. A container that is transported by road can still be delivered to its destination by sea. At the end of this route can also be planned to reach the fastest way by plane.

One of the most important points in Intermodal Transport is that the essential qualities of the goods are not changed.

At Bavyera Logistics, customers can choose this transportation service for all type of products. Our customers can thus ensure that their products reach their destination in the safest, fastest and most economical way.


We take all security measures in the process from the loading of your cargo to the delivery.


We deliver your cargo within the specified deadlines.


You can learn the status of your cargo through our 24/7 active customer representatives.