Trend of Recent Years
Project Transportation

In recent years, large companies in particular demand project transport. The service Project Transport is carried out in such areas as refineries, construction infrastructure, thermal power plants, pipelines, energy and mining. All necessary transport work from the beginning to the end of an existing project is carried out under the name of Project Transport.

This complicated work can be done only by strong and large logistics companies in the transport sector. The whole process in the project transport is carried out depending on the agreements between the client and the service provider. According to the project regulation, there is only one transportation company for local transport and international transport. This service changes depending on the duration of the project. In other words, Project Transport includes all transportation service required for a single project.

Advantages of the Project Transport

Project transportation is especially needed in public tenders and large projects of private companies. Because transportation is a very important part of the business in many projects. A separate logistics plan is prepared for each project. A separate logistics plan ensures that the most efficient transport service is obtained at the lowest cost.

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