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Road Transport is one of the most important options when it comes to transportation. People use roads most often as a means of transportation worldwide. Road transport became more and more important only after the Second World War. The railroad was previously for 100 years the main means of transport.

Today, Road transport is the most important type of transport in the world. Globalization in the world leads to the fact that more and more people have their goods transported by road between different countries. This type of transport brings many advantages. It was used in the 20th century with the development of internal combustion engines. All kinds of products and goods can be transported by roads. Transport by road has a direct relationship with almost all sectors.

Road Transport can be both within a country and between different countries. It is considered one of the most important competitive dynamics in the international markets and is therefore in constant improvement. The fact that the product must be transported faster, safer and more economical than their competitors, provides a very important cost and prestige advantage. Road traffic has become higher quality and safer due to the improvement and development of technology around the world. Time and cost savings are sought by buildings alternative roads, bridges and viaducts.


Advantages of transport by road;

Road Transport, the most preferred of all sectors, offers many advantages. Here are some advantages of road transport;

  • Transport possibilities are offered by road transport from door to door. Thanks to its infrastructural performance and flexible structure, the transport between senders and receivers takes place without the need of another system or transfer necessities.

  • Both around the world and in our country there are suitable geographical conditions for road transport. In this way it shows continuity in transportation.

  • In road transport, delivery is made to several addresses at the same time. That is why flexibility is an important cost factor.

  • The number of intermediaries in the road transport process is almost non-existent. Road Transportation does not involve transfer or unloading. For this reason, the rate of damage or loss of products is much lower than the other methods.

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