The Benelux Union also known as simply Benelux, is economic union of three neighboring states in western Europa. This union was created in 1944 between these countries.

There is an important economic network between Turkey and the Benelux. There are many economic agreements, rules and regulations within this union. One of the most important branches is logistics services. Road Transport to Benelux provides fast circulation and a large volume of trade.

Any kind of products of our customers to Benelux are insured and transported cheaply. The companies operating in the international transport sector have, in certain periods, transport possibilities to Benelux. These transportation services are carried out from door to door without conflicts and problems to support the network of business between these countries.


Bavyera Logistics is one of the best companies in the world that provides Road Transport to Benelux countries.

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Our transport company is always preferred for its regular deliveries without delays, confidential partners and favorable prices. This logistics company offers a completely professional service of all products in the international field.

Bavyera Logistics has in this sense important vehicle capacity, which makes the transportation easier. The services are offered by vehicles of different sizes, so that the delivery runs cheaper and faster for our customers. The company has permits and approvals for transportation in the international area for this purpose.

The service Road Transport to Benelux includes all types of legal proceedings related to customs clearance and international transportation. Our staff will do their best to ensure a flawless delivery so that it is completed as quickly and completely as possible.


We take all security measures in the process from the loading of your cargo to the delivery.


We deliver your cargo within the specified deadlines.


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