Italy is one of the most important economic centers in the whole Europa. It has a large volume of trade with our country together. Many companies in Turkey have import and export relations with Italy. The logistics service plays a major role in ensuring that this link remains strong and uninterrupted between these countries. The more secure, regular and economical the logistical support provided by Road Transport to Italy, the longer the life of this trade link will be.

Road transport is used in all types of trade between Turkey and Italy. It has many advantages both because of its favorable prices and because of the short delivery times.

All trade transactions between Italy and our country have important rules before customs. It forms important regulations regarding trade, which are renewed and updated in certain periods. These regulations and laws are of great importance in the international transportation sector. For this reason, the logistics companies operating in the international field must have the knowledge and education for it.

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Bavyera Logistics is one of the largest logistics companies that makes deliveries to Italy possible and easy. Our services are processed as quickly as possible so that our customer satisfaction always remains high. All kinds of products are transported between Turkey and Italy. During the transportation, our trained staff supports the whole process from start to finish. All international deliveries at our company are done cheaply, safely and in a short time.


We take all security measures in the process from the loading of your cargo to the delivery.


We deliver your cargo within the specified deadlines.


You can learn the status of your cargo through our 24/7 active customer representatives.