Poland is one of the largest countries in Europe. There are new economic agreements every day between our country and Poland. Every year new goals in business are defined and successfully completed. In order to be able to achieve this goals, the logistics industry is of great importance.

This support is completed by Road Transport to Poland. Most of the transport between two countries is by road. The transport service includes all kinds of products that have various sizes and masses. Thousands of products are transported to Poland with different types of vehicles. All types of transportation are carried out in the safest possible way with services such as trucking, container, heavy lift and refrigerated trucking.

Bavyera Logistics is one of the fastest and best transport companies in the world which is providing services such as Road Transport to Poland for its customers. With large vehicle capacities of various sizes, the transports are made as quickly as possible. It supports major trade agreements with its professional work system and economic pricing policy.

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The most economical and fastest transport options are offered by Bavyera Logistics. Best price offers are made for high quality and fast service to Poland for road transport prices. All kinds of costs as well as customs clearance are included in the prices. This enables companies which work with us to gain a cost advantage so that they can remain active in an intensely competitive environment.


We take all security measures in the process from the loading of your cargo to the delivery.


We deliver your cargo within the specified deadlines.


You can learn the status of your cargo through our 24/7 active customer representatives.